Our Roster 

 Mista FlixA true Old School specialist





Flix has been working within the UK Hip hop scene since his early teens, beginning Hip Hop life at street level, with freestyle and battle rap being his forte throughout his early life, moving into the studio environment as he progressed. With a solid set of releases under his belt and an unparalleled hunger, the platform is set for Flix to fulfil his ambitions at the helm of Hour 25 Records.  Having worked with the likes of Jehst, Micall Parknsun, Cappo and Evil Ed to name but a few, Flix isn’t afraid to stand toe to toe with some of the best lyricists and beat makers in the UK on the track. With metaphoric wordplay and multi syllable punchlines being a speciality of his, Flix’s style is instantly recognisable on the track. Having been made an honorary 2nd Class Citizen, Flix is set to launch a sustained assault on UK Hip Hop.


Bobby Ballz (2nd Class Citizens) – Punchline HeavyWeight 





Bobby Ballz is without a doubt one of the most gifted pound for pound punchline emcees we have ever heard. Bobby’s approach to Hip Hop isn’t to tip toe his way through verses with fancy flows and gimmicky delivery, it is to grab the beat by the throat and squeeze the life from it with sledgehammer lyrics and relentless delivery. After a steady start to his career alongside his fellow 2nd Class Citizens, Hour 25 Records is ready to unleash the beast that is Bobby Ballz on the UK Scene.


Budge (2nd Class Citizens) – The Pit Bull 

 Budge is one of the most consistent emcees you could wish for, with a plethora of flows that he can switch up at will, with intelligent subject matter and metaphors that keep you listening through 16 after 16. Budge is our Pit Bull and when he gets hold the mic, just try getting it off him!! With Hour 25 offering him the platform he craves for such creativity we expect Budge to really attack the UK Scene with his partners in crime.

Cyrus Malachi – Gifted Lyracist

Cyrus Blog

Cyrus Malachi burst onto the uk hip hop scene with his Triple Darkness crews 2008 release and debut album ‘Anathema’, an L.P which has become known as a uk classic, it brought one of the most unique, distinctive sounds ever heard on these shores, it was a dark, bone chilling epic, a harrowing journey through the neighbourhoods they grew up in, one of the vividest, most cinematic street narratives ever offered this side of the pond, infused with nuwaupic teachings and spiritual knowledge attained by the crews pusuit of wisdom, sparked by early hip hop influences, Cyrus Malachi had some of the most memorable verses on this project and it was clear to the listener he and his clique were no ordinary emcees. He then made another assault on the uk game in the same year as a heavy feature on the M9 solo project 144,000, his cameo’s on this body of work were monumental to say the least, one of the best was the cameo alongside M9 and Wu Tang Swordsmen Bronze Nazereth on the Beat Butcha produced soul windows where the three emcees flowed effortlessly to create a dusty loop, organic sample based soundscape riddled with the highest callibre of lyricsm In 2009 he became part of argueably the most talented group ever put together in Britain, The Orphans of Cush the group consisted of Kyza Smirnoff, Cyrus Malachi, Melanin 9, and Masikah, deemed by everyone as a certified supergroup unparralled in the scene, fans eagerly awaited the collosul mixtape ‘White Noize’ all year, it finally dropped in October 2009 to rave reveiws and the mixtape is always likened to an album beacause the sheer quality of work and the adept architecture of the songs warrents this credence. During the first two years of his career he worked with emcees like Kyza, Jehst, Skribblah, Ruste Juxx, Ill Bill, Sav Killz, Leathaface, Njeri Earth, Bronze Nazareth, M9, Iron Braydz, Mohammed Yahya, Cappo, Blasphemy, he has also supported live world renowned artists like GZA/Genius of the Wu Tang Clan, Saigon, Immortal Technique, Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Redman and has worked with producers like Beat Butcha, Chemo, Endemic, Anatomy, LG, Jon Phonics..

Verbal Skillz – Boom Bap Pro


Verbal Skillz is a UK hip hop artist and a student of that boom bap graffiti rap. With influences from the golden era of the late 80’s early 90’s, VS took inspiration from the superstars of rap. Artist like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane grabbed his attention as a kid and names like EPMD, NAS, GANGSTARR, Wu-TANG Clan and Masta Ace, cemented Verbals deep passion for hip hop.  With modern day favourites like Vinnie Paz, Sean Price, Immortal Technique, Ugly Hereos, La Coka, Czarface, they keep his love for the game as strong as ever.

Being a fan since a kid and loving hip hop, he teamed up with best friend and scratch Dj, Dj Stix, who needed a studio set up in his new house so Verbal helped build the studio for Stix and they set out to make music. After the home studio was set up, Verbal and Stix started to put together material and worked on an 5 track EP called ‘DarkDays’. This then led to the first full studio LP ‘The Guillotine Album’.  Solely produced by Dj Stix this was a big step up from the DD EP and featured US legend Masta Ace on a track called ‘MANKIND’. A  dope video accompanied the track and brought some attention to Verbal Skillz as a name on the UK scene! The album featured a mix of dope tracks that attracted some radio play from numerous Dj’s on ITCH FM, KaneFM and a few stations around the world, such as RoughRadio (Spain), and GID Radio in the US (now the Bodega Coldkuts Show) amongst other small pirate stations. Though only a digital release, this put Verbal on the map as a grinder and street hustler who could make something from nothing


Mr.Miranda – True Student of the Art 


Whoever said Hispanic MC’s couldn’t rhyme obviously were not speaking about David Ernesto Miranda, otherwise known as Mr. Miranda. Born and raised in Arizona, coming out of East Phoenix, Mr. Miranda has been rapping for over 10 years and is a true student in the art of music. He has conquered the originality aspect of it with a timeless style that instantly embraces the soul. Every verse written comes directly from the heart and you can hear the sincerity in it. Mr. Miranda has performed all over- blessing stages in various cities and states- giving the people good music and a great show. His plan is to make the world familiar with his music and who he is as an individual, not just as an artist. Signing an indie deal with River City Records out of Tokyo, Japan in 2010 gave him that international presence and appeal and received a great response through his music. The world is a huge place that Mr. Miranda is just trying to leave his mark in, now and forever.



Inkhromo – Sorcerers Apprentice

bio Pic“The epitome of the phrase ‘fresh faced’, Inkhromo is only just coming into his own on the beat-making scene, coming from humble beginnings as a first year uni student in York, spending hours recording on iPhones and any free software he could get his hands on, up to his recent radio airtime via BBC Introducing and some successful forays into DJing. Inkhromo is an academic, bringing over 13 years of musical training to his production game, having picked up instruments for as long as he can remember. Embracing jazz trumpet as his primary art form for many years, he brings the harmony, groove and rhythms of his first love into his beats, pulling apart jazz and soul samples, creating smooth Neo-Soul progressions, throwing in bass stabs and smooth synth licks over head-nodding drums, ending up with feel-good vibes that harken back to a golden age, while praising the work of his contemporary influences. He cites an eclectic range from around the globe, including US legends like 9th Wonder and Vanilla, up-and-coming European artist FKJ and home-grown UK talents like Rebel Kleff (Loyle Carner) and Tom Misch. Never rehashing the same ideas on consecutive days, and with some exciting projects on the table, Inkhromo is ready to bring his fresh sound to the UK Hip-Hop scene and prove he’s got plenty of cards to pull out of his 20 year old sleeves.