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Revolution Soldiers 

Revolution Soldiers sees 2nd Class Citizens team up with Mista Flix on a 7 track EP that brings all of the the best traits of all three emcees to the forefront as a combined show of force and creativity with each track showing relevance and understanding to todays world and social situations that have become the norm in todays society. Add in the creativity and imagination of these three emcees and  you are ready to strap your fatigues on and enlist to the Revolution Soldiers.


Tracklist – 

Alchemy (Bobby Ballz, Budge & Mista Flix)

Comfort Me (Budge, Mista Flix & Bobby Ballz)

Stressin (Mista Flix, Bobby Ballz & Budge)

Big One (Bobby Ballz, Mista Flix & Budge)

Miles Away (Budge, Mista Flix & Bobby Ballz)

Holdin On (Mista Flix, Budge & Bobby Ballz)

Revolution Soldiers (Bobby Ballz, Mista Flix & Budge)

*BONUS TRACK* Inception (Bobby Ballz)

Release – 01.12.2015 

Price – £5.99

Purchasable Here