Dystopian Dialect – The sound.

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With the release of ‘Dystopian Dialect’ imminent, Hour 25 spoke to the man solely responsible for the heavy hitting sound that reverberates through the entire project.

With authentic influences present throughout and a finely tuned Old School flavour on all 13 tracks, Copenhagen native Architech shows incredible understanding of good Hip Hop to produce 13 masterpieces.

Beginning the art at a young age, he recalls making beats from as young as 9, “a couple of years before i even knew what hip hop really was.”

“When i was introduced to artists like Jedi Mind Tricks, Non Phixion and Masta Ace – That’s when I really started getting into the culture and study the art.” Although his style still took some refining, he always found his way back to the ‘Golden Era’ style, ” Over the years i went through different modes, but i always came back to the raw boom bap type beats”, citing many legendary influences from that era he  explained how he developed his sound,

“I’m highly influenced by Stoupe, DJ Premier, Al’Tarba, DJ Muggs and Necro, as far as the production style, I’ve always had a way of imagining certain kinds of drums or patterns being added to the samples i Come across. I never tried to sound like somebody else, but i Would’nt say that i have a completely unique sound yet. Like the many greats that paved the way before me, i’m a big mix of all my favorites, but of course with a hint of Architech’s own ideas and visions, when it comes to creativity in Music making.”

‘Dystopian Dialect’ is released on 30th April 2016 and can be pre ordered HERE.



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